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Detroit News

Downtown Detroit Office Building Vacancy Rate Drops 7.7%

According to a report published by the Detroit office of Jones Lang Lasalle, as reported in an article from Crain’s Detroit, Detroit’s residential properties aren't the only properties that are being bought up like hot cakes. Companies are relocating and investing in Detroit, and for good reason too. Dubbed “The Comeback City” by many, the article reports that 1.5 “million square feet has been absorbed in the last three years”, bringing down the office building vacancy rate by 7.7% (to 11.5%).

More Businesses = More Employees

With more and more businesses opening in (and relocating to) Detroit, the Detroit workforce is significantly growing. There have been about 15,000 new workers in the Downtown Detroit area. These working employees contribute to the city’s tax income and unemployment rate.

Businesses and Investors alike have been investing in Detroit real estate on a residential and commercial level. Investment Gurus like Donald Trump see Detroit as a good investment. Contact us and let us show you why the experts deem Detroit as a worthy investment!

Detroit Area Home Prices 15% YoY Increase

From January (2013) to January (2014), the Detroit Real Estate market saw noteworthy increase in the YoY increase in home prices, as reported by the latest Standard & Poor/Case-Shiller Home Price Index. While Detroit was experiencing one of its coldest winter ever, home prices were still performing quite well. Although Detroit home prices have been steadily increasing for many months, they are still about 26% below what they once were. The Detroit real estate trends have lured investment from worldwide entrepreneurs. With Detroit home prices 43% lower than national levels, the ROI is usually much higher. Contact us today and let our team of real estate experts show you why you should be investing in Detroit.

Metro Property Group Highlights the Detroit Real Estate Market Boom

Over the last year, the Detroit Real Estate market has made tremendous progress. Due to the recent trends in home price values and median age of inventory, Detroit’s real estate market has been much more attractive to investors worldwide. The various city-wide efforts to revitalize the city and attract residents have proven to be successful in more ways than one. Many new businesses have relocated their headquarters to the Motor City and new and existing businesses continue to invest in Detroit. Read our comprehensive article of the Detroit Real Estate boom to see why now is the time to invest in Detroit! Contact us today and let us show you why now is a great time to invest in Detroit

New Research Facility Will Bring Thousands of Jobs to Detroit Metro Area

A new $148-million research facility in Detroit metro is in the works and will be open later this spring. The public-private investment will create 10,000 jobs, most of them in the Detroit metro area. This high-tech facility will be the latest addition in the National Network of Manufacturing Innovation (a federal initiative to give U.S. manufacturers a competitive edge), and will produce advanced lightweight metals that will be used in future cars, planes, ships, and other vehicles. The White House has chosen Detroit, out of all places, due to its supply of highly-skilled workers and employment opportunities. There will be more than $100 million in research and development, along with a long-term vision, such as training and preparing the workforce of the next generation, starting as early as grade school,to supply the required number of engineers and manufacturing operators.

In the recent years, Detroit has seen many investments in the real estate and technology sectors of its economy. The institutions, corporations, and organizations that are creating and maintaining these trends all have something in common - their belief in Detroit's comeback.

Contact Us now and let us show you the advantages of investing in Detroit.

December YoY Home Prices up 41%!

Following the current momentum, Metro Detroit home sale prices jumped 41% in just one year! Although sales in the region “only nominally increased”, the Metro Detroit area has seen tremendous price increases, “continuing their upward swing”, report Crain’s (a Detroit business news and information website).

Wayne County, Detroit’s hosting ground, enjoyed a 66.7% increase, which helped drive the area average up! Nearby counties, also experienced noteworthy growth, such as a 27.7% YoY increase in Macomb, a neighboring county and suburb of Detroit.

“The market continues to be really hot right now”
Karen Kage, CEO of Realcomp (the firm that conducts the monthly and annual real estate studies) sheds light on the market stats, reminding readers that lack of inventory drives market prices. “The market is so hot that whatever comes on the market, sells,” says Kage.

December’s YoY gains were a great end to 2013, but that wasn’t a surprise. November 2013 YoY gains were more than a 41% increase, following October’s ~42% increase. Contact Us today and let us show you the benefits and profitability of Detroit’s real estate market!